After speaking with Fr Philip Inch (Episcopal Vicar for Mission Planning), I have asked for a meeting involving the parishioners of Saint Sebastian’s Church, Archdiocese representatives, and members of the Archdiocese surveyors department. This meeting will take place in the Autumn. Once a time, date and place has been arranged, I will make sure that it is published.



The Finance Advisory Committee and the Trustees of the Archdiocese have approved temporary work to make Saint Sebastian’s Church safe enough to open. This will enable the future of the church to be considered properly. There was a discussion among the trustees about the importance of this church in a deprived area of the city and its association with the highly successful and oversubscribed parish primary school. The works are due to start in the near future, and I will let people know soon possible about when the church can reopen. Please continue to pray for our parish communities.

God bless, and stay safe.



An independent structural report was undertaken on the front wall at Saint Sebastian's, and the conclusion says: From our findings we would conclude that unfortunately the wall has passed the point of repair.  The minimal amount of seating to the roof structure onto the wall would still pose a sever risk should the wall undergo minor remedial works to strap it back, coupled together with the high risk of the statues falling, would mean the only recommendation would be to take down and rebuild.  We would recommend that the rebuild point starts below the ceiling line, leaving the arched stonework in place.

Work has not started yet, as we are waiting for the decision in obtaining a loan before any works can go ahead. The surveyors and finance team from the Archdiocese have been given a rough estimate on the amount that the total works will cost, and it is a substantial amount of money. The estimated cost has been calculated to be at least £110,000 (this is only a rough estimate, so it could cost more).

This is a lot of money, and the final decision to grant the loan is out of our control.

Here are some of the pictures to support our application.


You have probably noticed by now Saint Sebastian's has been boarded up. It was mentioned early December 2020 that work needed to be done over the two entrance doors, as the stonework needed looking at immediately. The work was meant to start, but unfortunately there seems to be more damage then originally thought (please see pictures). Scaffolding has been erected inside and out in order to facilitate safe access to the roof. At this moment in time, I do not know how these work will pan out, but I do know that the damage is quite significant, and it will be a long, hard journey to rectify these ongoing problems. I know people will ask when Saint Sebastian's will be reopening; and the answer to this question is simply: I do not know. I am waiting for the surveyors, and the company working on the roof, to give me a provisional timeline for the works. As soon as I hear any news regarding the ongoing works, I will let you all know here and on our parish Facebook page.

Please pray for the ongoing work at Saint Sebastian's.

God bless, and stay safe.

Fr Liam, and the Parish Team