The dates for our First Holy Communion Course are shown below.

There will be a total of 5 sessions, with First Confessions taking place after session three.

Please make sure you arrive promptly for each session, as they will start on time.

If your child has not been Baptised, please get in touch with the Parish Office, so that Baptism can be arranged as soon as possible. If your child is not Baptised before the beginning of May, First Holy Communion will be deferred to next year.

First Holy Communion Sessions

FHC sessions 1.jpg

First Holy Communion Mass

The children will receive First Holy Communion throughout May and June.

As we are blessed with so many children who will receive Holy Communion, the classes will be split up into groups of about 15 children. Each First Holy Communion Mass will take place on a Saturday; at either 10:00am or at 1:00pm


First Holy Communion Masses

Please note the following information:

  • Only the children will be receiving Communion.

  • At the time of going live, it is not expected that the building work on Saint Sebastian’s Church will be completed before we celebrate First Holy Communions (works are due to start in the very near future). Therefore, all Communion Masses will be celebrated in Saint Oswald’s Church.

  • Two benches will be allocated for each child, allowing twelve to fifteen guests.


I understand that some children may want to wear a special outfit, but I am also aware that there are some children who don’t. Children can wear an outfit of their choice. I am also acutely aware of the pressure that can be put on an already strained budget in buying Communion outfits, so please do not feel pressured into buying one. If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Parish Office.

First Holy Communion is only one part of our faith journey!

In receiving First Holy Communion, we celebrate the second Sacrament of Initiation into our Christian Faith, and we are looking forward to celebrating the third Sacrament, when we celebrate Confirmation with our children in a few years’ time. As this is part of our ongoing faith journey, I would like to invite you and your family to come along and attend one of our weekend Masses regularly.


Our weekend Mass times are:

Saturday at 4:30pm in Saint Oswald’s Church

Sunday at 9:30am in Saint Oswald’s Church

Sunday at 11:00am in Saint Sebastian’s School Hall


The more we deepen our faith, the more we can hear the voice of God, calling us and helping us to become the best person we can be, the more we can build a good Christian community within our parishes. I look forward to seeing you soon!

God bless.

Fr. Liam Collister