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Below is a user friendly and easy to read guide from Stop Hate Uk called ‘Understand LGBTQ+ Hate Crime’, which is being shared with communities through Local Authorities and Police. This is a resource that defines the different types of LGBTQ+ hate crimes, and also covers key points such as: understanding hate crime law, online hate, how to report a hate crime, taking care of yourself after a hate crime, going to the police and going to court.


Archbishop Malcolm has issued the following statement about the recent pronouncement from the Vatican prohibiting the blessing of same sex unions:

"The recent response by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to a dubium (question) on the blessing of same-sex unions has caused some hurt amongst the faithful of the archdiocese and beyond. It is important that we reach out to all our LGBT+ brothers and sisters, to show them that they have a place at the heart of our Church, and our archdiocese. As Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane, has been reported as saying recently, the latest pronouncement should give us greater impetus to another conversation about inclusion. Indeed, Liverpool Synod 2020 is, in one sense, just this: staying faithful to Tradition, but being open, through our learning, reflection, prayer and discernment, to the new insights which the Holy Spirit offers to us about the depths and breadth of God’s creation. We are a stronger and more powerful witness to Christ because of the presence of our LGBT+ brothers and sisters, indeed, because of the inclusion of all the people of God. Far from denying their experience, and the reality of their lives, we should learn from them and hear God speaking through that reality. We would be poorer without them. It is our hope and prayer that we will find new ways of expressing this inclusivity, understanding the language we use, and employing the talents of everyone, to witness more profoundly in our lives as priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful, a fundamental Gospel teaching: that God’s love has no limits."


Everyone who comes through the doors of our church should always feel welcomed, included, and loved within any of our parishes; no matter their background, sexuality, identity, ethnicity or gender. All people are welcome to come and worship as part of our inclusive and loving parish community.