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Christmas 2022

Over the Christmas Period, please pray for all on out Christmas Intentions list:


Mass Association

Sick and Housebound

Lapsed Parishioners

Vocations to Priesthood

Vocations to Diaconate

Vocations to Religious Life

All Seminarians

Holy Father’s Intentions

Fr. Liam's Intentions

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

Bishop Tom Neylon

Bishop Tom Williams

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Joan Mullett

Sydney Mullett

Mullett Family

Patrick Maher

Elizabeth Maher

John Maher

Florence Ahearn

Terence Ahearn

Lucille Hepworth

Jack Hepworth

Francis Renshaw

William Renshaw

Kathleen O’Sullivan

John O’Sullivan

Billy Dunn

Roger Dunn

Dunn Family

Ray Kelly

Shirley Kelly

James Howard

Dave Morton

Collister Family

Deceased Collister Family

McDermott Family

Deceased McDermott Family

Wall Family

Deceased Wall Family

Marianne Large

John Devlin

Ethel Blackburne

Tom Blackburne

David Wyke

Wilson Family

Wyke Family

Patricia McGinness

Doyle Family

Dittman Family

Mary Roache

Josephine Darnell

Carol Edwards

David Edwards

Paul Mountain

Eric Smith

Margaret Smith

Keith Smith

Bob Mathews

Mary Carson






McGeoch Family

Deceased McGeoch Family

Lee James Kelly

Veronica Goggin

Elizabeth Jones

Maureen McInerney

Jane Jones

Julie McTavish

Fred McTavish

Alfie Davies

Tommy Murray

Gilmour Family

Davies Family

Jones Family

Leek Family

Brandreth Family

Morrin Family

Holmes Family

Hyland Family

Swift Family

Branigan Family

Roberts Family

Ryan Family

Brannigan Family

Deceased Shirley Family

Deceased Blundell Family

Hughes Family

Ennis Family

Joan Kent’s Family

Joan Kent’s Friends

Brenda Keeley’s Family

Brenda Keeley’s Friends

Power Family

Deceased Power Family

Mary Murphy

Murphy Family

Fr. Seán O’Conner

All past and present UCM

St. Oswald’s School Community

St. Cuthbert’s School Community

St. Sebastian’s School Community

Mary Josephine Thomas (RIP)

Kieran Holmes (Health)

Pat Walsh (Health)

Ursula Ventre (Health)

Sheila Shannon (RIP)

Mary Manning (RIP)

Fr. Alan Devanney (RIP)

Fr. Brendan Rice (RIP)

Fr. Patrick Kelly (RIP)

Canon Gerry Wharton (RIP)

Dcn. John McGeoch (RIP)

Peter Purcell (RIP)

Thurgood-Parkes Family

Deceased Thurgood-Parkes Family

Kezia and Chris (Recently Married)

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