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Online Gospel for Young People 

Dear young people of Saint Oswald's and Saint Sebastian's Parishes

We need You in our churches, to help us all to grow, and to spread the Good news of the Gospel. To help you with your faith, we have now teamed up with an Internet resource called "Mark 10 Mission" (you can check out their website by clicking on their name, or by clicking here). 

"Mark 10 Mission" offer lots of helpful resources for prayer and reflection, all of which can help us to grow closer to Jesus, and get to know our Catholic Faith better. Each Sunday, they provide a reflection on the Gospel (we will put the reflection video below if you don't want to visit their website), and if you would like a copy of the Gospel to read, you'll find that here as well!

We do hope to see you back at church soon. Until then stay safe and well.

From all the parishioners of Saint Oswald and Saint Sebastian.

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