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Please pray for all on our Christmas Intentions list:

Mass Association

Sick and Housebound



Holy Father’s Intentions

Fr. Liam's Intentions

Pope Francis

Archbishop McMahon

Bishop Tom Neylon

Bishop Tom Williams

Dan Hastings & Family

All Souls

Monica Bellew

Sr Camillus

Thomas Carson

Elise Crowe

Eric Smith

Margaret Smith

Keith Smith

Lucy & Fred McTavish

Kitty & John Taylor

Ken & Brenda Smith

Jim McVey

Lucy Jones

Geoff Clayton

Terry Owens

Sister Mary Ligouri Smith

Geraldine & Cairan Smith

The Shirley Family

The Blundell Family

Thresiakatty James

John & Lucy Gilston

Collister Family

McDermott Family

Wall Family

Power Family

Mary Murphy

Murphy Family

Fr. Seán O’Conner

Diaconate Vocations

Priestly vocations

Religious Vocations

Thurgood-Parkes Family

Peace throughout the world

John Bird

Tillie & Finn Phillips

Rosemary Hegarty

Joseph Hegarty

Leslie Ellis

Joan & Sidney Mullett

Mullett Family

Patrick Maher and Family

Terence Ahearn and Family

Kathleen & John O’Sullivan

Ivy & George Davies

Davies Family

Billy Dunn and Family

Patricia, Elizabeth & Brian

Moses Chim

Shirley Kong

Aaron Chim

Miriam Chim

Chic Hon Chim

Chiu Wing Chim

Chiu Ming Chim

Cecilia Kong

Franki Kong

James Hughes

Audrey May

Kath Walker

Margaret Ford

Joan & Michael Brady

Theresa McDermott

Barbara Baton

Patrick McGuinness

Maureen Burns

Eileen Jones

Billy & Pauline Fairclough

Jimmy & Eileen Ashley

Alf & Ann Bedward

Billy & Francis McAvoy

Marianne Large (RIP)

John Devlin (RIP)

Mary Thomas (RIP)

Muriel Riley (RIP)

Maureen Bird (RIP)

Fr. Alan Devanney (RIP)

Fr. Brendan Rice (RIP)

Fr. Patrick Kelly (RIP)

Canon Gerry Wharton (RIP)

Dcn. John McGeoch (RIP)

Fr Dave Melly (RIP)

All preparing to receiving the Sacraments.

St. Oswald’s School Community

St. Cuthbert’s School Community

St. Sebastian’s School Community

SVP members past and present

UCM members, past and present

Edward & Ellen Scahill and Family

Deceased Family & Friends of Joan Kent

Family & Friends of Joan Kent who are sick.

Deceased Members of the Holmes Family

Deceased Members of the McGeoch Families

Deceased members of the Collister Family

Deceased members of the McDermott Family

Deceased members of the Wall Family

Deceased members of the Power Family

Deceased members of the Thurgood-Parkes Family

Deceased family and friends of the Hegarty Family

Deceased family and friends of the Hennessey Family

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